As the use of machine learning — and specifically compute-intensive deep learning technology — is booming across research and the industry, the market for building the machine learning stack has exploded. This is perfectly illustrated by technology giants such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft releasing cloud products targeted at making…

Don’t be a Jedi if you want to master the Dark Side of the Force

There may be better paths than VC if you want to launch your company next

Don’t be a Jedi if you want to master the Dark Side of the force.

For the young grads or early career folks out there contemplating a career in the magic world of startups, it is tempting to also look at Venture Capital (VC) firms. If you don’t stumble upon an idea you are passionate about, or meet with an amazing co-founder you see yourself…

The experience of a software guy entering the fascinating world of biotech.

Over the past months, I have been exploring my interest in biotechnology, an in particular new therapeutic drugs. I had been looking at the world of biotech for a few years, but mostly from a software perspective, as my previous startup had Big Pharma as customers. …

Good and bad reasons for joining EF

I joined Entrepreneur First’s third parisian cohort in September 2019, and left recently. I had a fantastic time there, and although I did not find a project that I could see myself committing to, I met amazing people and learnt a great deal. …

Malo Marrec

Ex Elaia Partners, ex co-founder of Clusterone. I write about infra, entrepreneurship, VC on Medium and other publications. I sometimes write as a freelance too

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